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Preparing For A Smooth Residential Roof Installation


Home projects have the potential to turn your life upside down, but some projects impact your life a little less than others, especially when you turn the work over to a professional. New roof installation in Dunwoodyis a major project, but if you know how to prepare for the roofing process, you can stay safe and help facilitate a faster work time so that the hassle and mess can be done more quickly. Here are some ways you can help the new roof installation process go more smoothly.

Clear Roof Access

The first thing you need to consider for helping the process go smoothly is to make sure the roofers can easily access your roof. The more space you can give around the perimeter of your home, the easier it will be for them to work, and the less likely it will be for your property to be damaged. The roofers will protect vegetation around the home as well as they can, but if you can move potted plants or other yard decorations, it will make their job easier and protect the items as well. Be sure to move vehicles, bicycles, and other items as well. Grills and patio furniture should either be moved into the garage or under a porch or covered with tarps to avoid potential damage. If possible, park your vehicle away from the home so the roofing company can utilize your driveway or street parking near the house. This will allow them easier access to their equipment and vehicles. It’s also a good idea to have any overhanging trees or shrubs trimmed so that work on the roof itself can go more quickly.

Consider Valuables Inside

After you’ve got all your outdoor items carefully stowed away or protected, you should consider some of the valuables inside your home. Reroofing doesn’t typically disrupt the items inside your home substantially, but the tools can cause dust or other debris to fall into the home during the work. Take stock of what items you have stored in your attic because the attic is the most likely area to fall victim to falling debris. If possible, move valuables out of the attic for the time being or make sure they’re adequately covered. It’s a good idea to cover beds, couches, and other furniture with sheets during the roofing process; otherwise, you can expect to need to vacuum a bit once the process is finished. You may also want to consider moving wall hangings during the roofing process because the vibration of the tools can cause them to shift and eventually fall during installation.

Protect Pets and Children

Of more importance than keeping your belongings safe is keeping your pets and children safe. The roof installation process can be noisy and disturb pets and small children, so if possible, make arrangements for them to stay somewhere else during the process. If you do keep them home, be sure to keep them indoors until the project is done because the construction equipment and materials can be dangerous.

Inform Neighbors

Finally, be sure to let your neighbors know about the upcoming reroofing project. The noise and extra traffic can affect the entire neighborhood, and while it can’t be avoided, informing your neighbors about the dates of construction can go a long way. This allows them time to prepare if they have an unusual sleeping schedule or pets or children who would be disturbed. If you need a new roof or roof repair in Dunwoody, call Superior Roofing Company of Georgia today.