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How To Clean Roof Shingles


Every type of roof treatment begins with diagnosis, where you identify the kind of treatment your roof requires in order to be restored to its former glory. A professional needs to be present to look at your roof and determine what the best steps to take to repair your roof in the safest and longest-lasting way possible.

Having black streaks on your asphalt-shingled roof can indeed ruin the entire appearance of your house. The outward appearance of the streaks resembles that of mold, but in reality, it’s colonies of algae that developed on the roof that feed on the moisture present in the shingles. It lives on the limestones in the shingles, thereby degrading it over time. If the algae aren’t treated, it can turn your entire roof black, regardless of the shingles’ original color.

Some professional roof cleaners end up charging too much to clean your roof. Since this process is something homeowners will have to keep repeating every few years, opting for overpriced options isn’t a wise financial choice. The best way to do it, therefore, is to do it yourself or find professionals who will do it at an affordable rate, which is where the Superior Roofing Company of Georgia can help you out.

Before you clean your roof shingles, we recommend you make sure that you have all the right chemicals and materials at your disposal. Make sure to pick a day that’s cool, overcast and not windy, and get the area prepared beforehand so that the cleaning process becomes easier.

Begin with using a cleaner of your choice to saturate a big area of shingles. The way to do this is starting at the bottom row and working your way up to the top. Keep spraying until there’s some runoff, and re-spray the areas that get dry. Next, use the vacuuming motion to drag the rinsing equipment in a forward and backward motion. This way, the three water jets are placed in a manner such that the dead algae colonies can be blasted off.

Using a 1:7 dilution ratio, mix the product with water and pour in into a pump sprayer. Use a full-body harness to strap it onto yourself, tie it down, and then climb to the roof. Spray some water on the roof so as to cool it down before applying the cleaner. This way, the cleaner won’t get dried out too quickly. After this, spray the cleaner onto the shingles. In case the intensity of the staining is not too much, the cleaning solution can be rinsed off using a garden hose sprayer, by making sure that you do it slowly with even strokes.

We at the Superior Roofing Company of Georgia are always here to provide you with every sort of professional help and consultancy you need about all roofing services.