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Repair Or Replace A Roof?


Our roof sees a lot of action over the years from random animals that scramble across it to heavy rainstorms or severe heat and humidity. The good news is that a roof is usually built to last, and you can expect it to have a lifespan of up to a decade or more depending on the type of material it is built from.

However, there are situations where it can start looking a little worse for the wear either over time due to the elements or suddenly as a result of damage. In these cases, is it better to repair the parts that are damaged or invest in an entire roof replacement? Continue reading to learn how to decide.

Type of Damage

The type of damage that your roof experienced can play a role in how you want to proceed. If you’re at the point where you’re deciding whether to repair or replace your roof, there’s a good chance that it already looks like it’s in pretty bad shaped.

However, this may just be damage to the surface and not the integrity of the roof. Most professional roofers will categorize damage into aesthetic damage and structural damage.

Aesthetic damage is when the shingles look old or especially worn down. The material may be faded or covered in moss or dark streaks.

On the other hand, structural damage affects the actual integrity of the rood. The shingles may be shriveled and curled. You may be dealing with cracks or breaks in the material or there may even be rust or missing spots.

Consult a roofing professional for this and they’ll give you a good recommendation on your best course of action.

Age of Roof

Knowing when your roof was installed can help you decide whether or not it’s worth it to work with what’s there and get rid of it completely. If you’re not sure the age of the roof, the material may be a good indication.

If your roof is getting up there in age and has suffered damages from storms, leaks, or pests, it’s better just to replace it than to repeatedly put money towards repairs. This is also an investment to consider if you know you’ll be living in your home for a while longer and do not have plans to sell.

Cost of Repair or Replacement

Finally, take into account your own budget. Roof replacements are more expensive than repairs but can be worth the investment depending on the state of the roof. On the other hand, if you’re looking at minor damages, it may be smarter just to get it repaired. Work within your means and ask about any financing options.

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