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Chimney Pans And Shrouds: What You Need To Know


Fireplaces are a great addition to any home; not only do they keep your house warm and cozy, but they provide a great aesthetic and can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, whether there is a fire going or not. Despite the fact that fireplaces are a great addition to a home, they can also become a maintenance problem or even a safety issue. Luckily, all such problems can be avoided if owners and contractors use the right materials and fixtures. Since there are several different types of roofing materials that may be necessary for your roof that you are unfamiliar with, we have outlined what you need to know about chimney pans and shrouds to help you understand their importance. For more expert information and to learn more about roofing material installation, speak with us or another roofing professional in the Lilburn area.

If you are thinking about installing a fireplace in your home, there is a lot you need to take into consideration to make sure you are fulfilling code requirements as well as keeping your home safe and protected from potential damage and wear. While chimney pans or shrouds are not necessarily required for building codes and safety requirements, it is typically a good idea to install one or the other to protect your home and your family. Here is what you need to know about chimney materials:

  • Chimney pans or shrouds are not usually required but are recommended by professionals: We are not the only professionals in roofing and contracting who believe that a chimney pan or a chimney shroud is a good idea. For a variety of reasons outlined below, you should strongly consider chimney protection materials in order to keep your home safe and secure.
  • Chimney protection materials keep your home free of rainwater: With an open chimney, rainwater can pour into your chimney every time it rains. If excessive water falls into your chimney, it can get into the chimney flue or the chimney liner, which will cause rapid deterioration. Water can cause serious damage to a roof or even the interior of the home. Chimney protection materials such as stops, pans, or shrouds prevent water from entering the chimney and deflect it into the rain gutter and off of your roof.
  • Chimney protection materials keep your chimney free from debris: You have probably noticed how your gutters clog with sticks, leaves, and other debris throughout the year. The same is true of your chimney if you do not have protection materials installed such as a pan, cap, or shroud to deflect these materials and keep them out of your chimney. It only takes a small amount of debris and a heated chimney to create a fire hazard. If you live in a particularly forested area, you should seriously consider chimney protection materials to keep debris from entering your chimney.
  • Chimney protection materials will keep unwanted visitors from entering your home: Chimneys are common entry points for a variety of unwanted pests, ranging from squirrels to birds. A chimney cap, pan, or shroud will prevent these pesky critters from entering your property and causing problems.