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Why End Of Summer Is Best For Roof Repair


Home is the feeling you get when you’re inside on a stormy night, and, while the thunder claps and the rain roars on, you and your spouse are safely tucked in to your favorite show. The only thing that could interfere with this perfection would be if a sudden, steady dripping started… right over your heads.

The need for a roof repair is usually never expected. The best and most typical season for a preventative check and maintenance, or for any roof repair or roofing services, is toward the end of summer, especially near Dunwoody, GA. Here’s why.

Tree Growth Cycles

Trees go through a growth period during the summer. At the end of summer, that growth period often either leaves your trees in need of a good trim, or your roof in need of a repair. That’s not true for every tree, but depending on where your lawn trees are growing, tree branches can easily impact your roof through drooping too low or snapping and breaking. Keep a lookout and stay up to date with your tree maintenance so you don’t end up needing to do end-of-summer roof maintenance as well.


As the summer season reaching its end, it’s the safest time of the year for roof repairs, whether for you or for a professional. A surprising amount of people die every year from falling off roofs because they’re wet and slick, because of wind gusts, or even because of encountering damage. These factors can easily cause someone to lose their balance and fall, but as long as you pick a sunny day, these risks can be avoided during the tail end of the summer season. Overheating for anyone working on a roof can also be avoided, usually because the peak heat of the season is winding down and heat exhaustion isn’t as much of a threat, either.

Home Protection

If there’s major damage on your roof and you’re getting large portions of it replaced or mended, this season of the year is the happiest medium between the heat and the rains. The rainy season hasn’t hit just yet, so you shouldn’t have to worry about damage being done to your home’s interior because of bad weather. Also, in the case of more severe roof repairs, if you have to pick a time of year to go without A/C or heating in your home, this is a good choice.

Whether it’s just a bit of patchwork or a grand overhaul, the end of summer really is the best time for any roof repair or roofing services to be performed on your home.