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Vital Reasons For Choosing A Professional Roofing Company


A structurally sound roof protects your home from the elements. Not only is the design of the roof important, so are the materials used to construct it. Unfortunately, the roof is also the most vulnerable part of a home. Because they are designed to last a decade or longer, many homeowners forget that their roof needs maintenance, inspections, and occasional repairs, just like any other structural component of their homes.

Choosing a company offering professional roofing services in Sandy Springs is the first step toward ensuring your roof will withstand a winter blast and that it will be ready for the next sultry Georgia summer. Not all contractors perform quality services. It’s not uncommon to see news stories about unsuspecting consumers being taken advantage of through a construction service scam. Finding a great roofing contractor who uses high-quality roofing materials will pay off in the long run.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right one.

Established in the Community

The Metro Atlanta Better Business Bureau is the best place to start. Use the search option to find information about the contractor. You’ll learn whether or not the business is BBB accredited, and if so, how long it has been accredited. Check under the customer complaints section to see how many complaints have been filed against the company, and how many of those complaints were resolved.

An online presence—a professional website—will offer a great deal of information, including areas of service, a main address for the company, and phone numbers. Professionals who are proud of their customer service and workmanship will post customer reviews and photos of work completed, and any awards or recognitions they’ve earned.

Ask friends, neighbors, and colleagues if they have hired a roofing contractor for repairs or installation, and ask about the quality of work. Most people have no problem warning you about bad work or poor customer service.

Quality Workmanship and Warranties

Great workmanship requires an experienced eye when it comes to roof replacements or repairs. What may not be visible to an untrained layman may indicate a serious issue for a professional who’s worked on hundreds, if not thousands, of roofs. Roofs aren’t cheap, so quality installation is just as important as quality materials. Ask the contractor about any guarantees on workmanship.

Full service roofing companies have access to high quality materials for every type of roof. An attempt to cut back costs by using lower-quality materials won’t save money in the long run. Ask the contractor about the materials used and any manufacturers’ warranties that are included.

Never accept a handshake or word-of-mouth guarantee or warranty. Always get them in writing before signing any service agreement or contract. Legitimate roofing companies in Sandy Springs will offer an inspection and provide a written estimate of any work that needs to be performed.