How To Save Money On Roofing Repairs

Replacing or fixing your roof is one of the costliest repairs you’ll make as a homeowner. Simple repairs could cost you a few hundred dollars while an entire roof replacement in Dunwoody could cost you thousands. But, there are a few ways to save money on roof repair. With these tips from the experts, your roof will be restored in no time.

Choose Roofing Materials That Offer Rebates

When looking into different materials to repair or replace your roof, be choosy. Manufacturers often put their roofing materials on sale. Shopping sale materials could save you quite a bit. If you can’t find any reputable products on sale, ask your roofing contractor about any rebates that may be available. This is especially important if you’re replacing your entire roof. With such a costly replacement, any sort of rebate could save you a significant amount of money.

Hire Contractors During the Off Season

Roofing contractors are busiest during the spring and summer when the weather is best. If you’re looking for a lower bid, approach your prospective contractors when business is slower. Late fall, early winter, and early spring may be the best time to save on roofing repairs and replacements. While the weather may be able to save you some money, it’s important to ensure that your repairs won’t be compromised by the cold.

Get Various Estimates

Never settle for a single estimate. Instead, ask a few different companies for bids. Then, make sure that each company knows that you’re shopping around. They’re more likely to give you a discount and compete for your business if they know that they’re not the only one with skin in the game.

Ask for a Discount

While it may not always work, there’s no harm in asking for a discount. Don’t be afraid to negotiate or bargain on the price. Your contractor may knock off a few bucks just for asking or they may offer you a discount for any additional services that you need.

Look for Coupons

Some roofing contractors offer discounts for their services. Take a look at the classifieds or mail to see if you have a coupon for specific contractors. Call them and ask them about prices with the coupon applied. It may save you some money.

Don’t Forget Your Insurance

If your roof replacement or damage is due to the weather or an accident, you may be able to file a claim with your homeowners insurance. Typically, your chosen roofing contractor can advise you whether your situation warrants an insurance claim. If it does, you could save a bundle by turning it over to your chosen company.

It’s possible to save on your roof repair cost in Dunwoody with a little bit of work. By following these tips, you’ll get the best deal on your next repair without having to compromise the quality of work.

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