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How To Choose The Perfect Roof Color


When you style a new home or want to revamp your existing home, choosing the color of your roof is a major step. A beautiful roof will anchor the exterior styling of your home and make it look comfortable and inviting. Here is a guide for choosing the best color for your roof.

Select Your Material

Some materials come in a variety of colors, while others have their limitations. For example, asphalt shingles are primarily brown or black with hints of other coloring in them, like blue or green. Metal roofs, meanwhile, can come in virtually any color. Clay shingles are typically made in white, orange, and red, but some roofers may be able to find alternative colors for you. Wooden shingles tend to have a natural wood finish and are rarely painted any other color. Selecting a roofing material based on its individual benefits can help narrow down your color choices.

Consider Your Architecture

The color of your home should be appropriate for its style, and this goes for the roof, too. Bright and bold coloring typically only suits Victorian homes. Federal homes and other stately buildings are suitable for neutral roofs with hints of blue or green. Contemporary homes, meanwhile, favor materials in their factory coloring: grays, browns, whites, and blacks. Modern suburban homes styled by builders should avoid the all-to-common gray asphalt roof and instead opt for a homier wooden shade or a sleek white or black. Overall, the roof should match the exterior cladding and trim color while offering an interesting contrast.

Choose a Reliable Roofer

Remember that your roofer can help you style you roof so that you are happy with the results every day. Superior Roofing Company of Georgia can help homeowners choose their roofing materials in a great color or variety of colors. We are full-service roofers that have been serving Alpharetta and the surrounding community since 1990, helping people like you install long-lasting roofing materials of the best quality for your budget. We offer warranties on new roofs because we guarantee you will love the results. Contact us next time you need to install a roof on your home. You will see for yourself why we have won the Consumers’ Choice Award for 9 straight years.