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What Makes Metal Roofing Shingles Energy Efficient?


Are you looking for roofing material that’s good for the environment and also great for your finances? Consider installing metal roofing shingles in Buckhead. Homeowners who install metal shingles enjoy exceptional long-term savings not only on energy bills, but on roof maintenance too. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of these shingles and why they’re so energy efficient.

Metal Roofing Comes in a Variety of Finishes

You might not realize it, but finishes matter when it comes to energy efficiency. Choosing the right finish means the difference between a home that holds a lot of heat and one that cools easier. When you’re choosing the finishing, keep in mind the climate of where you live. People who live in warmer climates find that asphalt roofs increase annual cooling costs. Installing a metal roof that is pre-painted or has a granular coating does the opposite. Because metal roofing systems are extremely reflective, they re-emit 90% of solar radiation absorbed. This means that homes with metal roofs tend to have lower cooling bills.

Want a Net-zero Energy Home? Choose a Metal Shingle Roof in Buckhead

People who own net-zero homes can boost that the amount of energy used in the home is equal to the amount of renewable energy the home gives off. Metal roofing systems are ideal for homeowners interested in reaching net-zero status. The following are a few reasons why these roofing systems make the grade:

Metal roofs work great with skylights by molding to the form and preventing air from leaking out.

Provide better insulation backup which increases their long-term thermal resistance.

Metal roofing systems contribute to airtight construction.

Great for Solar Panel Installation

Are you interested in taking your energy efficiency one step further? If so, installing solar panels is a great way to use less energy and live more off the grid. However, not all roofing in Buckhead works well with solar panels.

Solar panels tend to be heavy. They don’t work well on asphalt roofs because of the weight, which eventually leads to sagging and other problems. Not only does sagging threaten the structural integrity of the home, but you won’t get that airtight seal you’re looking for.

Metal roofs, on the other hand, are perfect for solar panel installation. Thanks to the ease of installation, the durability of the metal roofing, and the cooling effect that metal offers, solar panels and metal roofing are a match made in roofing heaven.

Are You Ready to Make the Change?

Whether you’re building a new construction home or planning to reroof your current home, now is the best time to enjoy the benefits of metal roofing systems. The sooner you switch, the more money you save in energy costs. Also, installing a metal roof reduces the constant maintenance and need for shingles repair in Buckhead that comes with asphalt, tile, or other types of high-maintenance shingles.

When you’re ready to make the switch, be mindful about who you choose to install your new roof.  There are plenty of roofing companies in the area, but not all of them have the experience or skill to install a metal roofing system. Take your time to choose wisely to ensure that the installation process goes smoothly to protect your investment.

The good news is that there’s a local company with years of experience installing energy-efficient metal roofs. Contact Superior Roofing Company of Georgia to install your new metal shingle roof in Buckhead today!