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Why Roof Ventilation Is Important For Your Home


Roofs have several important components, all of which work together to provide an attractive and protective top layer of your home. These important components include shingles, flashing, and weather strips, and each part serves a unique purpose. However, an often ignored but not unimportant factor on your roof is its ventilation. Roofing companies in Sandy Springs know the importance of ventilating house roofs. Do you know why it’s important? Here ‘s what you need to know.

Proper Ventilation

Roofers will ventilate your roof via a few different methods. For the most part, ventilation from your attic and through your roof includes intake at the eaves, soffits, and/or fascias, which are important joint locations in any roof. Roofers may also install grates or domes for ventilation of heat and moisture. However, too much ventilation can lead to leaks and an increase in pest activity. Hiring roofing services is key to developing a proper ventilation plan that balances the benefits without increasing risks.

The Energy Benefits

There are a few reasons why any experienced and professional roofing company will know how to install proper ventilation in your roof. For one, ventilation allows cool air to enter your attic, which is a non-insulated space that can overheat in the summer. Ventilation also allows warm air to escape your home. Because warm air naturally rises above cool air, the warm air inside your home will drift upward toward your attic, then escape. This helps you maintain a cool, comfortable indoor temperature on hot days. Ventilation even allows excess humidity to escape, which is a necessity in the winter when you produce steam through increased use of hot water. All of this adds up to better energy efficiency and lower utility bills.

Protecting Your Home and Valuables

Proper ventilation also protects the wood, shingles, and other materials that make up your roof. Poorly ventilated roofs have a shorter lifespan simply because the materials will overheat and degrade. Just think of what you store inside your attic, too. Without ventilation, everything in your attic is in constant danger of overheating, warping, or melting.

If you’re building a new home, installing a replacement roof, or want to repair your old one, consider working with one of the top roofing companies in Sandy Springs to provide proper roof ventilation. Precise measurements will be made to ensure an increase in energy efficiency, protect your roof and attic, and guarantee the roof is stable. Don’t try to ventilate your own attic without proper experience, even if you’re ready to experience the benefits of a properly ventilated roof.