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Essentials To Look For In A Roof Estimate


Apart from swearing at the situation, the first step you can take towards getting the work your roof needs done is to get an estimate. A complete estimate, however, has to contain some basic information so that you can make an informed decision. If you’re waiting on or reviewing a roofing estimate in Dunwoody, make sure it has the following information.

Payment Details

Every roofing job has multiple parts. If those parts are subbed out to other contractors, that should be reflected in the estimate. If, for example, the roofer subs out follow up shingles repair in Dunwoody, it should be specified in the estimate.

The estimate should cover every construction phase and vendor, payment information including terms and acceptable payment methods. It also should include a provision for the homeowner to withhold payment until they are satisfied with the job with no imposition of penalties and it should map out how disputes are to be settled.


Every expense should be line-item with no exceptions. The expenses part should also cover who is responsible for phases of the job, like cleanup, storage, and removal of trash. There should also be a clause on the estimate that covers unanticipated expenses and the approval process for covering those.

Materials Expenses

These should also be listed out in detail. The estimate should cover the cost of roofing shingles in Dunwoody and it should describe the product in depth. This section of the estimate should cover underlayment, shingles, flashing, sealant, any cost of materials associated with the job that is being estimated.

Quality Assurance and Warranty

The Quality Assurance part of the estimate should define how approval is to be granted. The Warranty obviously covers the materials and jobs for up to a specified amount of time. This section should also cover any exit clause for non-satisfaction in quality, with specified payment terms.

Insurance and Licenses

Proof of insurance and pertinent license for roofing services in Dunwoody should be listed in the estimate. This is to alleviate any confusion as to whether a roofer is legal and has appropriate liability coverage.

Contract Modifications

A good estimate will map out modification processes, including expanding or contracting the estimate or job scope. This should be a defined process with approval processes and payment stipulations.

If you are looking for a roofing estimate in Dunwoody, you should make sure the estimate follows these guidelines. Doing so protects you and the contractor as well as goes a long way in defining the project’s scope of work.