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6 Common Roof Problems You Should Not Ignore


Have you ever seen a problem and just ignored it? Truth be told, most people have done that at some point. But when it comes to your roof, it’s not a good idea. Your roof is protecting the biggest investment you have in your life. Ignoring a small problem today could lead to a big headache later. If you have a concern with your roof, you should check with one of the many roofing contractors in Alpharetta. Here are common issues that arise with roofs.

Roof Leaks

If someday you look up and see spots or dampness on your ceiling, call immediately to have an inspection done by roofers in Alpharetta. It’s evidence of a leak, and it’ll only get worse, leading to more water damage in your house. The source of the leak could be anything from damaged flashing to worn shingles. Many leaks happen close to chimneys, vents, and pipes.

Worn or Damaged Shingles

Time itself takes a toll on shingles, but so do tree branches, birds, and animals. Sometimes, the culprit is strong winds. With tree branches, the damage may be gradual or sudden. You might not notice how your tree has grown, until one day you look up to realize that a branch is scratching against your roof. A more sudden source of damage comes when a branch breaks and punctures a hole in your roof. Birds and animals are known to peck at or nibble on roofs, too. Any of these things will cause damage that needs attention.

Heat-Related Damage

The roof cost in Alpharetta is impacted by the intense heat that occurs in the region. Roof materials must withstand harsh treatment from the sun and ultraviolet rays. The local environment can cause blisters, cracks, and ridges to develop in roofs. These imperfections will lead to leaks in the future. It’s best to have them repaired as soon as possible.


The stress placed on roofing materials can cause it to shrink. This movement opens gaps that allow water to enter. Areas near flashing are particularly vulnerable to problems caused by shrinkage. A roof inspection is advised to detect these problems, especially as roofs get older.

Standing Water

This problem primarily affects flat roofs. Standing water can lead to water damage. If you see areas where water collects, it’s best to call a contractor who can offer remedies to solve the issue.

Poor Gutter Drainage

Gutters work to channel water away from your roof as efficiently as possible. Backed-up water can lead to mildew and rot. Several things can impede the function of gutters. Sometimes, it’s as simple as leaves clogging them. An afternoon of removing leaves will restore full function. To prevent that problem from recurring, many people are installing screens over their gutters nowadays. Other gutter problems include things like slope and attachment, which may need adjustment to optimize drainage.

Keep Your Roof in Tiptop Shape

With periodic inspections and routine maintenance, your roof will serve you well for many years. It’s helpful to consult with a roofing company in Alpharetta if you have any concerns about the condition of your roof.