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Unique Skylight Styles For Your Home


Natural light is the best kind for your home. Bathe all the rooms with filtered sunlight for a cheery effect. When you install unique skylights, you can create designs that match your home’s innate aesthetic, further personalizing your house.

Skylights are installed in ceilings and windows in walls. Well, until now that is. When you choose this option, a rectangular skylight blends seamlessly with a traditional window, creating a horizontal L-shape. Install more than one in a linear fashion for a truly unique room. This style skylight goes well in a sunroom, solarium, and above your indoor pool.

If your kitchen is the center of your home, it doesn’t have access to natural light. To escape the cost, and wasted space of a cupola, choose the island skylight. This long, rectangular window features hanging deflectors to naturally spread the sunlight throughout the room.

If you have a very large room with a peak, stagger traditional skylights, offset against each other. The effect is a stunning stream of rays from two directions. This design is perfect for an art gallery, as the reflections tend to come off the floor, instead of the walls.

The circular skylight is easily the most unique of the bunch. Skylights are known for their right angles, although there’s nothing noteworthy about a circular wall window in a living room, attic, or bathroom. Why not circular skylights? You can even hang a chandelier to finish the look.

If your home or office is more modern, you may prefer to veer away from the symmetry typically associated with skylights. Use all the space available, minimizing the size of triangular skylights as you work your way across the ceiling.

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