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New Roof Cost Vs Value: Are You Paying Right?


Did you know that a new shingled roof can cost as much as $6,750 on a no-frills ranch house? While that may not seem like an astronomical price, the truth is that roofing prices are continuing to rise and there are plenty of factors that go into the price. If you’re in the market for a new roof, learn more about roof cost in Alpharetta to determine if you’re getting a fair price.

Roof Value

In order to determine if you’re getting the best price on roof installation in Alpharetta, you need to know the average cost of roof replacement in the area. What someone pays for a new roof in Trenton, New Jersey isn’t going to be the same as what someone pays in your neighborhood. It’s critical that you know this information because local roofing contractors offer estimates based on this figure. These estimates are often broken down into three sections: high-end, mid-range, and low-end.

Why Wouldn’t I Choose the Lowest Price?

It’s tempting to choose the lowest price when seeking roofing bids. However, when you think about cost vs. value in terms of roof replacement in Alpharetta, this isn’t always the best idea. Homeowners typically get more bang for their buck when hiring a roofing company who quotes a mid-range quote.

There are a couple of reasons why this is the case. First, the materials are going to be better quality. You’re not going to have your roof replaced with low-grade materials that don’t offer protection against fire, wind, and other hazards. Yes, you’re paying more, but you’re going to get a roof that lasts longer. In the long run this is saves you money. It also protects your home from water damage or other issues that stem from low-grade roofs.

Another thing to consider is that mid-range roof installation is done by experienced roofers. One of the factors that goes into the cost of roof replacement is experience. Experienced roofers are going to charge more. If you let an amateur install a new roof, you’re putting yourself at risk of developing problems.

In terms of cost vs. value, it’s always a better idea to go with mid-range price quotes.

Save Money with Shingles

If you want to save the most money on roof replacement, consider shingles as opposed to other roofing materials. A shingle roof in Alpharetta costs considerably less than metal roofs, cedar roofs, slate roofs, etc. Homeowners who choose asphalt shingle roofs have numerous options in terms of color selection and design style. Shingled roofs look good on homes of all architectural styles.

Choosing a new roof is a very important decision that homeowners must make. To minimize roof cost in Alpharetta, shop around, hire experienced roofers, and choose materials built to withstand Mother Nature and her unpredictability. Call your local experienced roofers at Superior Roofing Company of Georgia, Inc., today for a quote!