6 Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

For homeowners, roof leaks raise various challenges, and locating the source of the leaks are even more challenging. It’s important to pay attention to any potential red flags, and that means taking even the smallest drip seriously. Understanding the common causes of roof leaks can make the difference between a simple repair or a roof replacement.

Broken Shingles

You will be able to notice the missing shingles by the different shades of color patches on your roof. Another way to figure out if you have broken shingles is if you notice shingles throughout your lawn after a storm. Broken shingles are commonly caused by certain weather conditions such as heavy rains and high winds. Depending on the condition, you may just need a shingle job or a complete roof replacement in Alpharetta.

Faulty Skylights

If you notice that your skylights leak during heavy rainfall, the rain has an increased chance of leaking through. As a temporary solution, you can place a bucket underneath the leak. The main causes of this leak can be due to rotten insulation along the edges of the skylights. This can also be caused by measuring being done improperly at the time of installation. Once the rainy weather has stopped, it’s critical that you contact reliable roofing contractors in Alpharetta to analyze the damages and determine a plan to fix the leak.

Condensation in the Attic

If you notice a strong, moldy odor coming from the attic, it’s likely that water infiltrated through. This can happen because your attic is cornered between outdoor and indoor temperatures. When those temperatures bump heads, condensation will develop and lead to moisture. Any mold growth will need to be treated right away. Put aside some time out of the day to isolate your attic. This will decrease the chances of substantial fluctuations in temperature. Ensure that all of your roof vents are free and clear on the inside and place a large ventilation fan.

The Age of Your Roof

Asphalt shingles and other roofing materials get worn out after a while. The change in temperatures along with contraction and expansion can result in the roof becoming brittle and ultimately crack. When the roof has been exposed to hard rays from the direct sunlight, the tar that holds the shingles together can melt. More than likely, you will need to get a roofing estimate in Alpharetta so that you can budget for a new roof.


This is thin strips of metal that are installed at hazards areas for leaks around the roof. Flashing must be sealed properly to safeguard against the intrusion of water. It must also remain nailed in place. Even though you can use the caulking and roof cement methods, they only offer temporary solutions. It’s best to find experienced roofing companies in Alpharetta to have the old flashing replaced.

Holes in the Roof

Damage from storms or animals can cause holes in the roof. Roof holes may not be that obvious and can remain unnoticed for years until your home is inspected. Tiny holes can be caused by misplaced roofing nails or can also be left over from a previous mounting bracket from an antenna or satellite dish. The best way to overcome this issue is to place a small piece of flashing under the shingle. This can actually be a simple task, but it’s best to get supervision from a professional roofing company in Alpharetta.

If you would like to learn more about common causes of roof leaks, contact the professionals at Superior Roofing Company of Georgia.

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