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5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Roof Replacement


Other than your home’s foundation, it’s hard to think of anything that’s more important to your home’s security than its roof. Literally everything that matters to you in that house is under that roof. If something goes wrong, there’s no telling the damage your house could suffer. That’s why, if you’re undergoing a roof replacement in Alpharetta, you need to follow all the necessary steps to see to it that it’s done right.

Keep Everything Accessible

Roof replacement requires a ton of people and equipment to have easy access to your home. That means you’ll have to clear out all cars, kids’ toys, swing sets, lawn mowers, and anything else that you might either store or leave inadvertently by the sides of your house. All this extra space will come in handy whenever the contractor has to prepare trucks or other pieces of equipment. This also goes for the parts of your yard where someone might have to get onto your roof, so make sure those areas are clear of debris and equipment as well.

Mark Fragile Landscape Pieces

Naturally, a contractor will want to be careful not to do any damage to the more fragile parts of your yard. You can help them avoid the more delicate parts of your yard by clearly marking the areas that are of the most concern. Sprinklers, for instance, are hidden, but are likely to become damaged if they’re overrun by a truck or another piece of equipment. Be sure to mark things such as sprinklers with the kinds of small flags you can find at a hardware store.

Prepare Attic and House

Give your attic a careful inspection. Installing a new roof will result in a lot of vibrations and noise, so if you’re storing anything that’s delicate and/or valuable in your attic, now’s the time to move it down below. Be on the lookout, as well, for hanging decor or works of art in your house that may become dislodged in all the hubbub.

Protecting Pets and Family

Keep a careful eye on pets and family so that they stay clear of the attic during the installation and that they aren’t playing anywhere outside where there are trucks and equipment. If you have a dog or cat that likes to spend a lot of time outside, it might be a good idea to keep them inside until construction is finished.

Plan to Clean Up on Your Own

Contractors have their own process for cleaning up after a job and will take all necessary precautions to see to it that everything is returned back to normal. With such a big job, however, it would be wise to institute your own cleaning process as well. Once the job is finished, go over your yard and driveway and conduct a thorough search for any screws or nails that might be left behind. A little extra effort can go a long way towards protecting your car’s tires.

If you’re ready to secure your home with a new roof, contact us at Superior Roofing Company of Georgia. We’re the local authorities on roof repair in Alpharetta, and we can help guide you through the entire process of preparing your home for a new roof. Call us at (770) 279-2621 today!