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Things You Should Expect From A Roofing Company


Whether you need yearly maintenance or emergency roofing repair in Dunwoody, GA, there are several things you should expect from the company you choose. Keep reading to learn more from the professionals at Superior Roofing Company of Georgia.

Expedient Evaluations

When you call your local roofing company for an evaluation and estimate, they’re usually quick to respond. Within a few days, sometimes hours, they have a team member knocking at your door ready to inspect your roof. A fast response time means that they value you as a customer and they know your time is precious. Most roofing companies offer evaluations for free. Be wary of companies that ask for money upfront to perform an estimate. Also be wary of roofing professionals that make door-to-door sales visits, especially after a major storm. This is no longer a traditional means of doing business and people who do make unsolicited visits are usually scam artists posing as roofing professionals.

Community Reputation

As you narrow down your choices for a roofing company, you can expect that your choice has a good reputation in your community. Ask your neighbors and coworkers about roofing companies they’ve dealt with in the past. Word of mouth is often your best source of information for firsthand experiences by real, local customers. If you’re new to the area, you can also check online reviews on websites, such as Google, Angie’s List, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau.

Business Credentials

With the recent rise in contracting and repair scams, it’s important to recognize the difference between a professional roofing company and a fraud. A real business will have several professional credentials including a business license, business insurance, and professional affiliations. The business license should be updated yearly with your local or state business bureau. You can verify that the license is active by calling the agency that issued it. Business insurance is also a must for any professional contractor. Insurance is designed to protect the homeowner in case there’s an accident on your property while work is being performed. Verify the type of insurance as well as the amount of coverage by calling the business’ insurance provider. Professional affiliations with a nationally recognized contracting organization will also help you have peace of mind. Organizations such as the NRAC or National Roofing Contractors Association ensure that their members are updated on the latest industry standards and techniques.

Professional Treatment

When you finally select a local roofing contractor, you expect that they will act with a sense of professionalism. You expect them to treat your home and your property with respect and avoid accidental damages at all costs. When the work is completed, you expect them to clean up any messes and debris from your yard. Roofing nails and wood debris left behind can be safety hazards to you and your family. A diligent roofing company will make every effort to remove all traces of their presence, leaving you with a new roof and peace of mind.

Don’t trust your home repair need and your578 family’s safety to just anyone. Do your research ahead of time to find the best roofing company in Dunwoody, GA. For an estimate, contact the roofing experts at Superior Roofing Company of Georgia.