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Common Causes For Your Leaky Gutters


Gutters play an important role in protecting your home from water damage. By directing runoff from your roof and away from your foundation, they can keep your roof from leaking, prevent damage to your foundation, and minimize erosion in your landscaping. But like any other part of your home, gutters can develop issues over time. If your gutters have started leaking, keep reading to learn what the likely causes are. Then, contact us for gutter repair in Dunwoodyright away, so your gutters can get back to doing their job and protecting your home from water damage.


Sudden and severe changes in weather can cause gutters to crack along the seams or braces or even near the gutter nails. This is an especially common problem in gutters made from galvanized steel. If your gutters have a few small cracks, they can likely be repaired and repainted to fix the issue. It’s also important that you repaint your gutters frequently to prevent rust accumulation that leads to this cracking.

Holes and Gaps

When water is allowed to pool in parts of your gutter system, this can eventually lead to damage to the pipes. A sudden drop in temperature may cause the water to expand, or metal gutters can begin to rust where the water has accumulated. This can cause holes or gaps to appear in the gutter system. Most often, this water accumulation is caused by too much debris in the gutter system; this is why it’s so important to clean out your gutters regularly.

If you have holes and gaps in your gutters, they can be fixed with a waterproof sealant, such as silicone, to seal up the holes and keep your gutters in working order. Just make sure you clean out those gutters a bit more frequently from now on.

Sagging Gutters

Here’s another reason to clean out your gutters regularly: When your gutters are forced to hold the weight of wet debris and accumulated water, they can begin to sag. The weight pulls on the nails that attach the gutters to the fascia on the outside of your house. As the sagging worsens, joints can separate, or the gutter can tip at such an angle that it simply dumps any rainwater it’s holding down the side of your house.

If this is happening to your gutters, you’ll need a professional’s help. Our technicians will clean out your gutters and reattach the gutter hangers to the fascia so that the gutter system is safe, secure, and level again.


Yes, we’re going to talk about cleaning your gutters again—that’s how important this is. The most common cause of leaky gutters is clogs in the gutter system. Whether they’ve caused damage yet, as described in previous sections, or not, too much debris in your rain gutters can cause the rainwater to overflow and run down the side of your house. As a homeowner, the best thing you can do to stop leaks and prevent damage to your gutters—and to your home—is to clean out any debris as often as you reasonably can.

If your gutters are damaged, contact Superior Roofing Company of Georgia. We’re one of the best roofing companies in Dunwoody,and our expert technicians will repair your gutters, regardless of what type of damage they may have sustained. Call us at 770-279-2621 now!