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How A Flat Roof Is Replaced


Do you need to replace your flat roof but aren’t sure how? Don’t worry – I’m going to walk you through the process.

But before getting into the details of flat roof replacement, there are some essential safety measures you should be aware of. First, always remember to stand on a supported deck, and second, be extremely careful when using construction tools.

Step 1: Removing the Old Roof

Grab a spade and get into the flat roof’s plies. Ideally, use a 30-40 degree angle and start in the middle. Next, you have to pull off the framework flushed against the wall. It’s filled with mortar; a firm tug should do the job. If there are any significant sections of the perimeter left, pull them out with your hands.

Once you’ve got all the major parts out, use a wallpaper scraper to clean the rest of the wall. Pro tip: using a 4-inch blade will get the best results. Then use your spade to remove the perimeter felt and remove the last pieces of felt from the roof’s front. Some roofs have timber fillets. If your flat roof has them, you’ll need to lever them off by putting your spade underneath them and then slowly increasing upward pressure.

Step 2: Attaching the New Roof

Before you can attach your new roof, you need to take specific measurements. Use a tape and measure your roof’s dimensions. The length and width determine what EPSM membrane you’ll need. Most are 1.2 mm thick and 15 m x 30 m. However, you can find bigger materials if necessary.

Once you have the membrane, open the square along your roof’s length and spread the membrane along the roof’s width. Then fold it so that you have two layers of the membrane spreading over half the roof. The stage is now set to attach the new crease.

Take water-based adhesive or glue and apply it all along your roof. It’s critical that the adhesive doesn’t collect anywhere and is spread evenly. Open the folded membrane over the wet adhesive and go over the sheet with a broom, brushing out toward the edges. This will make sure you don’t have any air bubbles and a smooth new roof. The last thing you need to do for a successful flat roof replacement is attaching the remaining EPDM. Take the unattached pieces and some adhesive to lay down the membrane. Go over it with a broom, and you’re done!

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