Factors That Affect The Timeline Of A Roof Replacement

A new roof is one of the most expensive purchases a homeowner will ever have to make, but unfortunately, it’s one that’s bound to crop up eventually. If your home’s roof is getting old and simple shingles repair in Alpharetta won’t cut it anymore, it’s probably time for a total replacement. But how long is that going to take? There isn’t an exact answer to this, as there are many factors that can affect it. Keep reading to learn what factors will impact the timeline of a roof replacement.


Obviously, a roof replacement is an outdoor construction project, and that means that the timeline is largely dependent on the weather. We’ll do our best to schedule you for a time when no storms are expected, but if an unexpected rainstorm does blow in, it can delay your project for a few days. As much as we want to get your project done in a timely manner, we also want to ensure it’s done right, and that no unnecessary moisture gets into the roofing materials or attic space while we work.


The season and the weather kind of go hand in hand, but it is important to keep in mind the time of year that you’re trying to schedule your roof replacement. For example, you might have a hard time getting a roof replacement done quickly during the peak of the hurricane season. With Georgia getting battered by frequent storms off the coast, it’s difficult to find the rain-free days needed. Of course, that’s not to say that a roof replacement is impossible at this time of year (or during any other season); it’s simply important to expect a few more delays based on the season.

Roof Size

As you might well guess, the size of your roof will also impact the timeline for this project. Small roofs require less material and labor, and can, therefore, be replaced much more quickly. Larger roofs, on the other hand, will require more time.

Roof Slope

In addition to the size of your roof, its slope will also impact how long the replacement can take. Flat roofs, for example, are relatively quick and easy to replace. The steeper the slope gets, the more complicated the process and the longer it will take.

Roofing Materials

You’ll also need to take into consideration the materials that you’ll want for your new roof. There are several different options available for homeowners now, and some require more careful handling than others. Asphalt shingles–the most common roofing material–don’t take up much space and are easy to move around and quick to install. Roof tiles are heavy and need to be handled a bit more carefully, which will extend the project timeline a bit.

Home Layout

Finally, we’ll need to consider the overall layout of your home and property. Features like gardens, sheds, pools, and garages on the property can sometimes make it difficult to reach certain areas of the roof. We’ll also have to put in a little extra time to make sure these property features are protected from damage during the replacement process.

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