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What Does Spring Season Mean For Your Roof?


Spring is a great time to take stock of the areas of your home that might have taken a beating throughout the winter months. Your roof is one of these areas, and as spring hits, it’s smart to do some roof maintenance tasks and to have a professional roof inspection. This can help identify any areas that require roof leak repair in Sandy Springs. Additionally, if your roof is nearing replacement time, spring is the perfect time to consider doing that as well. Here’s what you need to know about spring roof maintenance and new roof installation.

Clean the Gutters

Spring is a great time to check your rain gutters because it’s common for leaves and other debris to build up during the winter. This buildup needs to be cleaned out to allow the rain gutter system to work properly because this will keep your roof in better condition. When water is unable to flow to the rain gutters and away from the house, it collects on the edges of the roof as well as in valleys. This weakens the shingles as well as the underlying roof structure, which makes you more vulnerable to serious damage and leaking.

Inspect the Roof Components

While you may not be a roofing professional, there are some things you can look for in the spring to get a basic idea of the condition of your roof. Look for any shingles that have blown away during the winter or been otherwise damaged. Shingles that are loose, broken, or curling can sometimes be replaced. If there are numerous damaged shingles, you may have a more serious problem on your hands. Check for nails that are pulling loose as well. The flashing is another important roofing component that can often be damaged during the winter from high winds or ice. Check the flashing around dormer windows and where the slopes of the roof come together. Cracked caulking or rust on the flashing indicates the need for repair right away. Check the fascia and soffit for any signs of damage as well. If you notice any problems, be sure to call for repairs.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Whether or not you do an inspection yourself, it’s important to have your roof professionally inspected every year. This inspection can help identify problems you might have missed or potential areas of concern that can be repaired before they cause more significant issues. The roofer will be able to notice areas of concern on both the surface area of the roof and the underlying areas in the attic as well. The inspection can also help give you a better idea of the amount of life left in your shingles so that you can determine the best time for a replacement.

Consider Replacement

If you’re nearing the time for a roof replacement, spring is a great time to contact roofing companies in Sandy Springs for this service. Since the weather is generally warmer, the job is easier to do and can possibly save you on labor costs because it can be done more quickly. Spring is also a great time to prepare for the hot summer ahead by reducing your energy costs with a new roof. There are energy savings options you can consider to help you stay more comfortable and save money on your cooling costs this summer as well. To learn more about roof replacement options, contact Superior Roofing Company of Georgia today.