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How To Improve Roof Ventilation


Have you ever wondered why your house is always very hot? You have half a dozen fans, but you still can’t manage to cool it down. But other people never seem to face this issue; their homes are bearable even in the worst summer months. If so, your problem is simple and very easily fixed: you need roof ventilation.

But what is roof ventilation, and howcan you improve it in your house?

Why is roof ventilation important?

Good roof ventilation is integral to you and your family’s safety and your house’s upkeep. If you don’t have good ventilation, you’ll trap hot air in your home. This leads to congestion, stuffiness, and expensive repairs. So even if you think hiring roofing contractors is costly, not doing so will end up costing you more.

This form of upkeep is also vital in keeping your home comfortable. During the summers, trapped hot air leads to your living space always staying hot. It won’t matter how many air conditioners you install; the insufficient ventilation will always overpower your efforts.

On the other hand, you’ll have ice dams and mold issues in the winters if you don’t hire an expert.

How to improve roof ventilation?

Roof ventilation is super essential for you. And it’s super easy to get. You can install most systems under roof shingles or on a roof. They don’t require too much construction and it’s relatively straightforward to operate.

You can choose between the following two types of roof ventilation. Each has its benefits and drawbacks; the decision should be based on which factors are more important to you.

Exhaust vents

Exhaust vents remove hot air by giving it space to escape. They are set up underneath shingles and are easy to install. Within this type of roof ventilation, you can choose from a wide range of products.

The first option is a wind turbine. These are installed on the top of roofs, and their mechanism is one of the most effective ones available to you. They catch the wind in its turbines and replace the warm air in your house with the cooler breeze.

The second option is a box vent. It does the same thing as the option outlined above. The only differences are that they’re more visible, and you’ll need several vents to do the job one turbine can.

Lastly, you can also purchase a power attic ventilator. This mechanical option is excellent for you if you live in a relatively non-windy area. It runs on electricity and will work around the clock.

Intake vents

The other type of roof ventilation offered is an intake vent. Unlike an exhaust that removes hot air, this one brings in cool air. When used in conjunction with the former, you set up a strong airflow that will always keep your home comfortable to live in.

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