Damage A Leaking Skylight Can Cause

What is a skylight? The short answer to this would have to be “a window on a roof”. Technically, this is correct. However, it’d be better to call it an opening on the roof constructed with transparent glass to allow ventilation and light in the home.

They’re also aesthetically pleasing and can instantly brighten a room once the tarp is removed.

What is a leaking skylight?

Skylights should let in additional light, not water!

A leak in the skylight means that the skylight that is supposed to be fully functional is faulty. Thus, it’s not preventing water from getting into the home. These leaks come as a result of the wrong installation of a skylight, or a seal deteriorated flashing.

Common causes of a leaking skylight and their fixes

Skylights are often difficult to adequately seal, and if they leak, it’s not often a simple fix either. It’s recommended that you put a professional on the job.

Here are some of the common reasons why your skylight is leaking and fixes available –

A damaged flashing

Flashing is a metal part that is mounted on the roof to avoid leaks. It also connects the skylight to the roof. When the flashing is properly fixed, it forms a tight fit between the skylight and the roof. If the flashlight is damaged or broken, it could cause some major problems with your skylight.

Quick fix: You can fix your damaged flashlight by sealing any openings in the flashing with roofing cement. Fortunately, the flashing can also be replaced without changing the skylight. We advise you to consult a roofing repair contractor.

Improper installation and condensation

If your skylight was poorly installed, this could potentially cause serious issues. Also, if the flashings mounted around the skylight are not properly installed, leaks on the skylight can occur.  Condensation is natural, so it’ll certainly occur. However, it becomes a problem if that happens, and the water remains there.

It’s simple, if the water can’t go back up, it’ll just go down…straight into your living room or wherever the skylight is placed above.

Quick fix: Get a professional to properly install your skylight.

As for the condensation, you’ll need to insulate properly to prevent the problem from escalating.

Dangers of a leaking skylight

A leaking skylight is a serious hazard. It can cause an unbelievable amount of damage to your home which could be expensive to repair.

Some of these damages include:

  • Wear and tear of wall paint

As water leaks in from the faulty skylight, it absorbs into the wall of your home causing a lot of damage to your wall paint. Watermarks and stains on walls lessen the livability of your house and repainting the space could be expensive.

Another danger that skylight poses, is the infection of your home with mold. When wood absorbs a lot of water, it causes molds to spread through other furniture in the home, which is a well-known health hazard.

These could be weakening of the roof’s mechanical strength, or even ruining the furniture and flooring. That said, even if it’s a minor leak or cracks, always ensure to get it fixed as soon as possible. Always remember to clean the skylight, remove all debris and inspect if there are cracks on the skylight. General maintenance will ensure your skylight lasts long.

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