How To Connect A New Porch Roof To A House

Adding a roof to the porch provides you protection from sun, rain, snow, wind, and ice. Building a porch roof in an existing house can be a complex task and it is necessary to ensure that the new roof matches the existing one. By understanding the basic porch roof framing techniques, we can attach a roof to the house in no time.

In this article, we will show you how to connect a porch roof to house. But before proceeding towards the basic steps, we need to consider a few things.

Consider these things before building a porch roof

Here is a list of things that we need to take into consideration before we start:

? Determine the rise and run of the roof.

? Consider the right roofing material to install the porch roof.

? If we have an existing ground level deck, connect the roof deck to it.

? Check the electrical system and determine the requirements for electrical equipment like lights and fans.

? Consider the location where we want to build the patio cover.

? Take the porch roof design into consideration before starting the construction.

How to connect Porch Roof to a house?

Following is a list of basic steps for building a porch roof.

1- Know the local building codes

We should know the local building codes before starting the construction work. Acquire the required permits and submit the plans for the porch roof. It is also required to check if the plan meets the local codes.

2- Determine the rise and run

It is necessary to determine the rise and run of the porch roof. Normally, we replicate the same we have on the main roof. But it is not feasible sometimes because of the window placement. Try to get as close as possible.

Moreover, determine the location where we will attach the plate to get the perfect rise and run. Build the support columns to connect the porch roof. Ensure that the porch roof framing has appropriate blocking for a solid connection.

3- Mark rafter plate location and Install it

After determining the run and rise we are know where to place the rafter plate. Attach the plate between the two side supports of the porch. Use the screws to fix the rafter plate. It helps to secure the support of the roof. The position of the rafter plate depends on the pitch of the porch roof.

Frame the porch roof by adding the rafter plates and cover them with thin plywood sheets. Secure the plywood with nails.

4- Put up the Columns

Make sure to select the right column design before installing them. If there is a beam against the ledger board then we also need to fasten it to the top of the end column. It is important to make sure that the columns are square while building a porch roof.

5- Set the header and Install the roofing material

Place the header on top of the columns. We need to provide the nailing support on each end of the roof. After securing support, apply the sheathing and roofing material on the porch. Install the roofing paper and then attach the roofing material to the drip edge.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed the steps to connect a porch roof to an existing house. We learned about the pieces of a porch and roof, using the run and rise to find a suitable angle, and making a simple yet effective roofing square. We then learned how to install a ledger board and rafter plates for support, and then finishing the work by nailing the rafter plates and installing the roofing material.

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