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Waterproofing Your Roof


For most homeowners, the necessity of waterproofing a roof is self-explanatory. Waterproofing the roof is an essential step in house construction, and if you’re building a sunroom, tool shed, or covered patio, knowing what roofing service to call is a must.

Aren’t Roofs All Automatically Waterproof?

Most roof tiles from your contractor’s inventory already have some form of built-in waterproofing. However, as UV rays from the sun grow stronger year by year, and hurricanes and blizzards are becoming more commonplace, your roof might require an extra layer of protection if you want it to last.

In places like Georgia, extreme weather events have become the norm. High winds and heavy rains from hurricanes beat down on North and Central Georgia multiple times a year.

Severe weather can damage a roof, and some sections of it may need replacement. If you’re moving into a previously-owned home in Georgia, chances are some parts of the roof’s waterproofing will need a refresh to become a truly waterproof roof, while some will look brand new.

Waterproofing Your Roof in Three Steps

Waterproofing a roof is a job for experienced roofing services. First, remember that many people spend hundreds of hours on YouTube researching how to waterproof roofs, and they still get it wrong. This guide is just a simplified outline of what the professionals do, and we strongly suggest you reach out to the professionals to make sure you have a truly waterproof roof!

Select the Right Materials for Your Roof

Roofs are the largest and most important part of any house, shielding you from the weather and the harsh elements. You can install different types of roofing on your home, depending on where you live.

In many parts of the US, hurricanes, tornadoes, and strong winds are all commonplace. People who live in these areas should opt for strapping and metal roofing over shingles. Shingles are lighter, and you can disconnect and displace them without much effort.

Using a Water-Resistant Coating

If you’re using shingles, the roofing service will put a water-repellent coat on the base of your roof before having them placed. You can get some de-icing cables, which will melt the ice quicker in the winter, allowing water to flow through your gutters instead of staying on your roof.

The roofing service will loop these cables through your gutter and then over the shingles in a zigzag manner.

Stop Your Roof from Experiencing Rapid Temperature Changes

People build roofs to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A roof’s temperature change should only come from the seasons and not inside the house. Avoid making sudden drastic changes to the temperature of your roof by insulating the attic.

Do You Need a Roofing Service?

Trying to make a waterproof roof alone can quickly turn into a complicated, dangerous, and expensive job. Call a professional to help you do it by contacting the Superior Roofing Company of Georgia, the state’s most preferred full-service roofing company. Reach us at 770-279-2621 for a free consultation and to schedule an appointment today.