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Top Reasons You Should Have A Chimney Cap


Chimney caps are features that can be installed on chimneys. Some homeowners prefer not to invest in them, because they are an extra cost and some homeowners don’t recognize the need for them. The truth is that professionally installed chimney caps can help to prevent a lot of damage to your home, and are pretty inexpensive when all of the incredible benefits are taken into consideration. The following is a list of just some of the important advantages of having a chimney cap installed on the chimney on your home:

  • Keeps animals out: Small animals are drawn to chimneys. Bats, rats, mice, and birds like the warm surroundings and the safety they can find in these little niches. One of the main reasons to invest in chimney caps is to be sure that this is not a problem you ever have to deal with.

  • Avoids problems with moisture: Rain and snow can cause a major problem if they get into your home. The large opening in your chimney is a prime area for unwanted water to get into your home. With a good chimney cap, all snow, rain, and ice will be drained to other places and away from the interior of your home.

  • Helps the HVAC system run more efficiently: When the heated and cooled air is not allowed to sneak out of the home through the chimney, your HVAC system will not have to work nearly as hard to get things working well.

  • Protects from down-drafts: A lot of danger can come from wind blowing down the chimney rather than up. This can cause a big mess even when there is no active fire burning. A cap will stop this from happening.

  • Prevents fire hazards: Sparks flying up the chimney can travel to your roof or to the fields and roofs in your neighborhood and cause some major issues. A cap will ensure that this is no longer possible.

  • Increases home value: This is the kind of extra little feature that can increase your home’s value. Buyers like to see signs that a home has been well cared for, and that is precisely the message you will send by adding a chimney cap.

  • Reduces the amount of debris: Twigs, leaves, dirt, and other debris can fall into the chimney and cause a fire hazard. This debris can be a pain to clean out. Keep all of that out of the chimney altogether by putting a good cap in place.

It is not hard to see why these are suggested for any home with a chimney that is used on a regular basis. A real wood burning fireplace can be wonderful, but there inherent risks with using them. Putting this kind of safety measure in place can help a lot.