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Winter Roofing: Repair And Maintenance Tips


You probably don’t think about roofing very often. Most people don’t think about it, and when they do, it’s almost never anything positive. People tend to think about disasters like hurricanes or blizzards and the costly repairs that come later. Of course, basic maintenance can help avoid that to some degree. Weather damage can cause a variety of problems. Georgia may be peachy, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate, especially in the winter. However, there are simple things that you can probably do yourself that can help avoid problems later.

Debris removal is a big first step. It might not seem like much, but it’s an effective preventative measure. You should make sure that you maintain cleared gutters for effective water flow. This can help with issues like ponding. If you haven’t heard that term before, it means precisely what you think it does. You’re probably better off just doing a little bit of leaf and limb clearing than paying for big repairs later on. Ice can complicate the issue, so be sure to be careful.

Debris removal may seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference. Repairs are a bigger commitment, but home ownership is a major responsibility. Basic maintenance and repairs are a part of that, and your roof is at the top of that list.

That doesn’t mean that damage will never occur. If and when it does, you should be sure to keep a detailed account of the damage. You can probably take videos and pictures with your phone. Photographic evidence is excellent and very helpful when trying to communicate issues to a contractor or insurance adjuster. You might not speak the same jargon as a professional roofer, but pictures can help communicate more effectively. If you’ve noticed ongoing issues, but haven’t been able to attend to them yet, you can also keep a journal. Yes, a detailed description and analysis of ongoing problems can be a huge help. When performing a diagnosis more information is always better. Keeping a detailed log, along with pictures, will be a major boon when you’re trying to explain the troubles you’ve been having.

Roofs get old. Hail, sleet, and rain all cause damage over time. Basic maintenance isn’t always enough. When it does come time for repairs, the pictures and details can help to identify the problem, and you’ll have your first step towards figuring out a solution. Whether you need shingle replacement, rusted flashing repair, poor roof ventilation fixed, rotted soffit or water damaged fascia replaced, you should be able to get an initial assessment and cost estimate. You’ll be given a scope of work along with an estimated date for completion.