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4 Things Your Roofing Contractors Won’T Tell You


After being in the roofing business for years, you’ll start to notice different things that happen in the industry. When you’re thinking about replacing your roof or getting a new one just to increase the property value of your home, there are things you aren’t going to know. Roofing contractors in Dunwoody aren’t always going to be honest with you. There are several things to catch before they begin to get to bad, or start to eat away at the rest of your house. If you let a problem remain for too long, it will only begin to get worse. It’s much easier to repair problems on your roof if you catch them early on. It’s also quite a bit cheaper.

When you get sick or contract a disease, it’s important that you address the problem and begin the proper treatments to keep your body at peak performance. Your roof is very similar in this way; if your roof is about to get a leak, you want to get it fixed immediately. Not fixing this problem can create a leak which rots out your ceiling and gives the surrounding walls water damage. Water damage can even lead to mold which can affect your health.

The National Roofing Contractor Association says that you should inspect your roof twice a year, mainly in the spring and fall. Inspecting your roof twice a year can prevent problems from getting too bad, or even happening at all. If you own property, you should have heard the term roof maintenance. You won’t always know all of the details, and that will be okay. Unfortunately, there are four main things that your roofing contractor won’t tell you.

1.    Those black streaks on your roof–they’re mold. The same fungus that grows on the trunks of trees are commonly found on roof shingles as well. They also grow on the side of chimneys, which are found on your roof. The mold will slowly eat away at the shingles, causing more damage that you’ll need to remove.

2.     Regularly providing maintenance to your roof will save you money in the long run. You might not think it’s necessary, but it is. Your roof sees a lot of weather first-hand. It’s important that you regularly clean and check up on your roof to make sure no problems arise. If you neglect to provide proper maintenance to your roof, you will eventually find leaks.

3.    The average roof shingles don’t last you 25 years without maintenance. They tell you that a roof will last 15-20 years but that isn’t without proper and regular maintenance.

4.    You won’t actually notice a ceiling stain from a roof leak for at least two years. An average roof leak will take time to show on the interior of your house. Most people assume their leak started right when they can see it. Rain water has to seep through a significant amount of material before you notice it.