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5 Signs That You Need Roof Repair


Keeping a roof over one’s head is so important that it’s a cliché. Your roof is perhaps the most overlooked and underrated feature of your home. Aside from creating a feel of style and culture, it also keeps you and your belongings protected from the weather. At Superior Roofing Company of Georgia in Alpharetta, we know that roofing doesn’t last forever. Don’t let your home be the victim of negligence. Watch for these signs that your roof needs to be replaced.

In the Wind

If you notice your shingles flying away in the wind, it’s time to call a professional to do an inspection. The overlapping of shingles helps to keep rain, sleet, and snow out of areas where water can do a lot of damage. The loss of even a couple of shingles can signal more complicated problems to come.

Branching Out

You may never see a poem as lovely as a tree, but if a branch hits your roof, you’ll want to get the damage inspected. Branches are not only heavy, but they can rip through underlayers of protection and expose your home to leaks and more.

Snow and Ice

Water is a powerful force for creation and destruction. A small crack in a large boulder that has water in it could cause the rock to break as the water thaws and freezes. The Grand Canyon was created by the flow of the Colorado River carving through rocks. If water can destroy stone, imagine what it can do to your roof. The water expands and loosens shingles, exposing the soft underbelly of the rooftop to the elements. Check your attic for signs of leaking during the winter.

Animal House

Who doesn’t love the antics a furry squirrel or mischievous raccoon? Your roof doesn’t. If you’ve had these animals or a flock of birds visit your home’s exterior, you should know that these animals may chew through shingles and create nests. You don’t have to let your home be their home. Eject the squatters and call someone to repair the damage.

Gutter Ball

One sign of needing roof repair in Alpharetta is gutters that are backed up and need repair. Your gutters are supposed to take water away from your home. If the water backs up and gets on the roof, it can create the conditions for mold and moss growth. Water that gets under the shingles can leak into the home and foster environments that many insects find hospitable. It can also loosen shingles, creating future problems.