How To Estimate The Age Of Your House’S Roof

If you are in the market for a new home, or wanting to value your own home, the state of the roof is an important detail to look at. The value of home can change dramatically depending on how old the roof is and how soon it will have to be replaced or repaired. Before figuring roof replacement cost in Lilburn, determine the need for replacement with these ways to estimate a roof’s age.


The type of roofing material used can give you insight on a roof’s age and its life expectancy. If you know when the house was built, and depending on the material, you may be able to estimate how old the roof is based on the standards for replacing. Many homes currently have asphalt shingles, which are replaced roughly every 20 years, depending on quality. Metal roofs usually are replaced every 40 to 80 years, and slate, concrete, and tile roofs last the longest and don’t need to be replaced for 50 to 100 years after installation.


You can also tell if a roof is new just by its appearance. If the shingles are flat, even, and all the same color, this is a good sign that the roof was recently replaced. New shingles, without any wear, should be somewhat obvious. However, if the roof isn’t spotless in appearance, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the roof is old and will have to be replaced. For instance, if moss or algae is growing on the roof, or if there is some, but not a lot, of discoloration, the roof can still have a lot of years left.


The degree of damage to the roof is a great way to estimate age. Small leaks, cracks, and slight discoloration suggest that your roof isn’t new, but still has time. More severe damage, like buckled shingles, water damage in the home, sagging roof, or missing shingles all indicate that the roof may need to be replaced soon.


There are factors that affect the look of a roof that may throw off age estimates. For instance, how well the roof was installed, the regional weather, and quality of materials will all make a difference. To get a more accurate estimate about a roof, look for any permit records to give the approximate date of the roof being built, replaced, or repaired.


If you aren’t able to tell by appearance or obtain relevant permits, call a professional. Roofing contractors in Lilburn should be able to inspect the roof and give a more accurate estimate as to age and life expectancy.

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