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How To Spot Early Signs Of A Roof Leak


The roof of a single-family house can remain in good shape for 15 to 20 years. Time, weather, and the elements take their toll to create the conditions for water intrusion that can damage your important investment.

Even a hairline crack or tiny gaps in the shingles can be a point of entry for moisture, and the accumulation of water over time can cause real problems like mold, mildew, and wood rot. In many cases, the damage does not reveal itself until it is too late.

Experts with roofing companies in Alpharetta and other locations are trained to detect problems before the moisture damage gets out of hand. There are early signs that can tell you if your house has been compromised by a leaky roof.

Interior Signs

Evidence of moisture seeping into the house is a key indicator that your roof may have a leak. One telltale sign is the appearance of water stains high in corners or extending across ceilings within the house. Water leaking through a damaged roof can collect in an area of the attic and saturate the ceiling. The roof leak may have occurred over a period of time, based on the size of the water stain and its saturation of the ceiling.

A leak like this can cause real damage to the interior of the house. It can create conditions for mold and mildew in the living space, leading to potential health problems. A saturated ceiling can also be costly to repair.

Conditions in the attic can also offer evidence of a leaky roof. Rotting wood beams or mold detected in the insulation are obvious signs.

Exterior Issues

The condition of the shingles can indicate the shape your home’s roof is in. Buckling, curling, loose, or damaged shingles can cause real problems for your roof. A patchwork roof is prone to gaps that allow moisture to travel down into the rafters and away from the original source, before collecting somewhere in the attic or crawlspace.

These leaks sometimes can be hard to locate. Look for water stains on the outside walls for signs of moisture. Water spots, discolorations, and stains in the area where the walls meet the roof can also be a sign of potential trouble.

Fix Right Away

A leaky roof should be repaired immediately. The leak may be hard to detect or hidden from view, but over time it could cause substantial property damage that would require an expensive repair bill.

As a homeowner, you want to go with an experienced roofing services provider to inspect the roof. Roofing companies in Alpharetta like Superior Roofing Company of Georgia work with the homeowner to determine the extent of the damage and put together an estimate for roof repair or replacement.

Knowing what to look for early to mitigate a roof leak issue is the proactive approach when it comes to your home.