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Roofing Installation Mistakes You Must Avoid


A good roof not only protects a home and your family against the elements, it also adds aesthetic value to your property. But, like other structural components, roofs eventually need repairs or replacement. The problem is, many homeowners don’t think about the roof until there is an issue. Choosing from only established roofing companies in Sandy Springs will prevent installation mistakes that could cause additional damage and costs.

A Professional Inspection is Essential

A thorough inspection by an experienced, professional roofing company will reveal the extent of any damage. The roofing expert will check for signs of roof leaks, punctures, animal intrusions, or other damage to your roof. There is the possibility that the previous roofer made mistakes in the installation of your current roof, which could cause not only a shorter service life but could also lead to damages to the structural integrity of your home.

Sometimes, a simple roof repair is possible. But for longstanding issues, roof replacement is usually the best route. Take a look around at the roofs  in your Sandy Springs neighborhood. If there are other homes similar in age to yours that are getting new roofs, it may be time to have your roof inspected.

Common Mistakes Made By Inexperienced Roofing Companies

All roofing companies and the quality of work they perform are not the same. A new roof is an investment, and quality materials and conscientious craftsmanship are crucial to its service life. There are common mistakes committed by some roofing services that can cause early failure, however.

·         Roof installers ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations. The number of nails required per shingle, water barriers on the eaves, or proper underlayment are examples of manufacturer recommendations. Improper installation could invalidate your warranty.

  • Installers use shingles from different dealers. This causes mismatched shingles, which is not only noticeable from an aesthetic perspective but could also lead to improper fit and future leaks.
  • The roofing company installs new shingles over old ones. If the old roof is left intact, it may be hiding vulnerabilities in the roof’s structure.
  • The roof is constructed from inferior products. Poorly constructed roofing materials lead to early roof failure and eventual structural issues.
  • Shingles are misaligned. For example, butted joints should be on the same horizontal plane. Three-tab shingles should be on the vertical. These issues are easy to spot visually.
  • Installers left too much or too little overhang over the roof’s edge. Usually, there should be between 0.5 and 1.5 inches over overhang. Less than that amount leads to water entering the shingle layer from underneath. With too much overhang, however, a strong gust of wind is enough to blow shingles off and leave your roof vulnerable to the elements.

Choosing the Best Roofing Service in Sandy Springs

Established roofing contractors not only have a presence in the local community, but they also offer references from previous customers. Unfortunately, there are fly-by-night roofing services who have no ties locally. Their goal is to work quickly using inferior products and then move on to the next town. By choosing a company that works specifically in Sandy Springs and the surrounding areas, you can expect a higher level of workmanship. Additionally, reputable companies offer free, detailed project quotations and warranties on newly installed roofs. Always ask for proof of contractor insurance, which protects you as the homeowner from any worker accidents that occur on your property. Choosing a Superior Roofing Company of Georgia, a professional roofing service in Sandy Springs,will prevent more costly repairs in the future.