3 Ways To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Roof

Making your home more energy efficient is important because it keeps your home more comfortable, reduces your utility costs, and is good for the environment. There are numerous measures you can take to improve your home’s efficiency. These measures include caulking or replacing windows, installing an energy-efficient HVAC system, and making sure you have adequate insulation installed. However, a home’s overall energy efficiency is significantly impacted by how efficient the roof is. By boosting the efficiency of your roof you’ll experience even greater comfort and financial savings throughout the year. Here are three main ways you can make your roof more energy efficient.

Choose “Cool” Roofing Materials

“Cool” roofing materials are those that reflect light rather than absorbing it. If you need to replace your roof, talk to a roofing company in Dunwoody about cool options to reduce the amount of heat that’s absorbed by your roof. Darker-colored roofs can reach a temperature 50-75 degrees hotter than what the outdoor temperature is, so this will significantly impact how frequently your AC has to run during the summer. A lighter-colored roof will absorb far less heat, so you can either replace your roof with lighter-colored shingles or have a cooling coating installed on your roof. Cooling coating are lighter than many shingles and may be recommended when your roof is in good condition and not ready for replacement. A coating will keep darker-colored shingles from absorbing UV rays and it serves as extra moisture protection as well. A roofing contractor can inspect your roof and give you the best options for how you can reduce heat absorption and retention to boost the roof’s energy efficiency.

Insulate and Ventilate

The roof is a major cause of heat transfer in homes, so you can reduce the amount of heat transfer by adding insulation in the attic. A poorly insulated attic will increase energy use in both the summer and winter. You can add typical attic insulation or there are also insulation options specifically designed to be applied to the underside of the roof. Adding any type of insulation will improve your energy efficiency simply because of heat transfer reduction. It’s important to talk to a roofing professional about the best way to insulate your attic and roof because improper insulation can cause problems with condensation that can damage your roof and home. Depending on your home and climate factors, insulation may need to be added a certain way to prevent moisture from being trapped between the insulation and roof and causing condensation. Proper ventilation will prevent any condensation problems and increase energy efficiency by allowing hot air to escape when appropriate.

Choose Energy-Efficient Roofing Materials

If you need frequent roof repair in Dunwoodyand feel like your home could benefit from roof replacement, make sure you research all the options to make sure you get the most energy-efficient roof possible. If you choose asphalt shingles, consider how the color will affect heat absorption. There may be other options to improve energy efficiency, such as metal roofing. Metal roofs usually reflect more light to increase efficiency but are also more expensive than shingle roofs. Talking to a roofing professional in your area can help you determine what your best options are for a long-lasting and energy-efficient roof. Contact Superior Roofing Company of Georgia today to learn more.

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