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5 Reasons A Roof Fails


Roof systems aren’t necessarily complex, but the nature of their role demands that they function flawlessly to protect the life you’ve built beneath them. No matter what type of roof you have, it’s critical that it maintains its integrity by preventing the infiltration of moisture, thus keeping the damaging forces of nature outside of your home where they belong. However, when a roof fails, it usually requires the immediate attention of a company specializing in roof repair in Sandy Springs.

If you find yourself with a failing roof and in need of roof replacement, there could be many factors at work that caused the situation. Roofs can fail for any number of reasons, including improper installation or faulty materials. Regardless of why your roof fails, there’s no question that speedy roof leak repair is important to prevent further damage to the interior of your home that could require thousands of dollars to remediate. Keep reading to learn about 5 of the most common reasons that residential roofs fail.

Low-Quality Materials

The materials used in your roof could be the single most important factor in determining its service life. Good materials will last for decades without fail, though the converse is true if your roofer uses low-quality components. Your roof is asked to endure a wide range of harsh conditions such as glaring UV light, extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrum, and heavy downpours of precipitation. Make sure that your roofer uses the best materials, even if it means you must pay a premium price. You’ll save money in the long term thanks to extended service life.

Improper Installation

Your roof will only be as good as the craftsmanship used to install it, which makes proper installation of a roof a key factor in its longevity and service life. One of the leading causes of roof failure stems from improper installation. Factors such as mistakes made during roof construction or low-quality craftsmanship may take a while to manifest in full-fledged roof failure. However, there’s no doubt that shoddy work will result in a prematurely failed roof. That’s why it’s important to vet your selected roofing company well to ensure quality work.

Bad Design

Keeping water from infiltrating your roof isn’t just about the type of roofing system you’ve selected or whether it’s properly installed. Even when due diligence has been performed regarding these factors, poor design can doom your roof to premature failure. Pitch is an important consideration when it comes to your roof. The pitch of your roof is the angle at which it rises from the lowest point to the highest point. If the pitch of your roof isn’t steep enough, it could result in ponding on the roof surface. That will lead directly to leakage, which will precipitate roof failure.

Incorrect Flashing

The flashing is the unsung hero of your roof, since it protects your roof’s integrity at critical seams and junctions with roof-mounted vents and appliances. Flashing simply consists of strips of thin metal that are molded to fit in corners, run alongside seams, or shaped around vent pipes to keep water from permeating the roof surface at those critical points. Skimping on flashing will undoubtedly allow moisture beneath the roof surface, which will undermine the entire roof eventually.

Lack of Maintenance

You don’t think of your roof as one of the more high-maintenance systems in your home because it’s a passive system with no moving parts. However, there are a few key maintenance tasks that must be given your attention to prevent premature roof failure. For example, if leaves, limbs, and organic materials remain on the roof for extended periods, they can trap moisture and create a cascade of negative effects that will damage your roof. Even something as mundane as a failure to clean rain gutters can cause moisture to be trapped against your eaves, which in turn can lead to rotting that will allow even more moisture under your roof surface. Make sure to attend to roof maintenance tasks routinely to prevent roof failure.

Though there are many potential causes for root failure, the 5 mentioned above are some of the most common. However, by performing regular maintenance, properly vetting your roofing contractor, and checking for the use of quality materials, you can get a roof that will endure decades before the end of its service life. If you’re in need of roofing services, contact Superior Roofing Company of Georgia at (770) 279-2621.