Roofing Trends Coming In 2020

There are common roofing trends you can expect in 2020. While you never have to invest in a roof that you don’t like or find unappealing, it’s generally best to put quality and reliability over popularity. When looking for roofing services in Alpharetta, be sure to consider drainage and durability. They’re two of the most important factors for any roof. There’s no substitute for a great roof.


Roof styles and designs vary. Many homeowners want something different, so it stands out. A flat roof is the simplest to build, and they’re relatively uncommon for homes. Flat roofs require minimal materials, but they don’t have slopes. This means they don’t drain well, which necessitates extensive waterproofing. Debris can easily gather on the roof. Georgia tends to get plenty of rain, so although flat roofs are simple and affordable, they’re not recommended. Snow-prone regions should avoid them as well.

A gable roof allows room for an attic. This is a good way to include extra storage space in your home. They’re popular, so you’ve seen them a thousand times. However, this shouldn’t deter you from a gable roof. Gable roofs feature two slopes that branch out from a single ridge. This slope allows water to run easily off the roof. Leaves and other debris shouldn’t build up.

In warmer climates, a hipped roof is ideal. Hipped roofs have two long sides and two shorter sides, which slant down from a ridge in the middle. This style of roof provides a number of benefits. The eaves are able to function as overhangs and provide shade for your windows. This helps to keep your home cool, especially if you have windows that receive a lot of sunlight. The eaves can shield the entrance and keep the rain off your siding. Gable roofs are resistant to high winds, and the additional protection provided is great for regions that experience severe storms.

The mansard is a less common variation of the hipped roof. It may be a bit more visually appealing, but it has another benefit, as well. With four sides and two slopes, the mansard design has a lower slope that’s much steeper than the upper one. A mansard roof helps you maximize your living space by allowing an additional story under the roof. If you want plenty of room and slightly different design with excellent drainage, a mansard is worth considering. It also has dormer windows.


Roofing materials follow trends, as well. Asphalt shingles are the standard for homes in the United States. They’re popular because they’re economical and easy to install. If you’re worried about appearance, you shouldn’t be. Today, asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors, and they can be quite attractive.

Clay tiles are classic and timeless. They’re typically seen in Arizona or New Mexico, but they’re available elsewhere. You can find clay tiles in different shapes and styles, such as scalloped, flat, or ribbed. While clay tiles can last for many years and are incredibly durable, they add significant weight to the roof. They have to be installed by a professional, and you may need to have your roof reinforced in order to handle the weight.

The 2020 trends are focused on combining a unique or an attractive roof with a functional and appealing material. Be sure to consult roofing services in Alpharetta before you make a final decision. You can contact the Superior Roofing Company of Georgia at 770-279-2621 if you have any questions or would like a recommendation.

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