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4 Warning Signs Your Gutter System Needs Repair


Gutter systems are perfectly handy features that direct moisture from your roof down into your yard, protecting your foundation from water damage, preventing soil from shifting under your home, and keeping mold and other fungi from infecting your roof or exterior walls.

Gutters are also attractive features if they’re well-maintained. Modern gutters have a streamlined look that accessorizes your roof and exterior walls nicely. But if your gutters aren’t in good shape, you won’t experience any of their benefits.

It can be hard to determine if your gutters need repair without taking out a very tall ladder and taking a close look at them yourself. That’s why this handy guide was created. Here are the top 4 warning signs that your home gutter system needs repair by one of the roofing contractors in your area.

Visible Cracks

Cracks in gutters can be hard to see. Once a month or so, take a quick walk around your house and assess the gutters and downspouts. Do you see any cracks on the surface? If you’re unsure, look for signs of moisture or moisture damage collecting on your exterior walls. This will happen when water is allowed to pour out of cracks, rather than being directed out of the downspouts. If you suspect gutter cracks, then call a roofing company.


There are very common and recognizable signs that your gutters are undergoing too much stress? Why would they be stressed? Chalk that up to too few downspouts handling too much moisture every time it rains, or the weight of leaves and other debris building up in them. If your gutters are stressed, they’ll buckle or even twist. This means that there’s too much pressure forcing them out of place. Fast and thorough gutter repairs can prevent sections of your gutters from developing more stress damage, or falling out of place.


When in doubt, trust the fungi. Mold, mildew, and other fungal matter have an uncanny talent for finding dark, moist environments and thriving in a short amount of time. Black, blue, green, or brown spots on your gutters or exterior walls are sure signs of poor drainage. After all, you install gutters to prevent this sort of moisture damage from happening at all. If you don’t see rot, try to sniff it out. A rancid odor is surely due to rot. Call a professional for repairs. Roofing companies can repair the gutters, and they can refer you to someone to assess and fix rot, if necessary.

Pulling from the Walls

If your gutters are pulling away from the walls of your house, they won’t be able to do their jobs. The purpose of gutters is to catch and direct all possible moisture to zones where it’s safe to deposit it. If your gutters are out of place, they won’t protect your siding from water. There are many reasons why pulling away can occur. This can be caused by stress—as indicated above—or it can be a sign of poor installation. A gutter repair company can give you a roofing estimate for resizing and reinstalling new gutters.

Whatever the cause may be, make sure you hire professional gutter repair in Alpharetta as soon as you notice any of the above. Superior Roofing Company of Georgia offers fast and affordable repairs. Visit their website at today to schedule gutter repairs or replacement services.