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Top Ways To Save Money On Roof Replacement


Reroofing your home or business represents a major investment in your property. While many see it as simply a necessary facet of homeownership, it can also represent an opportunity to improve the value of your home and reduce maintenance costs in the long run. However, given the average roof replacement cost in Sandy Springs, many people focus instead on performing the job at the lowest possible cost. While saving money is never a bad thing, you never want to compromise the quality of your roof to save a few dollars. After all, your home is only as sound as the roof that covers and shelters it.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep your costs down that won’t require you to compromise the quality or workmanship that goes into your new roof. It’s possible to get quality roof installation without paying a fortune. By timing your roofing job correctly, considering the benefits of roof materials with a longer lifespan, and shopping around for several quotes from reputable roofing companies, you can get the best roof at a bargain price. Keep reading to learn a few ways that you can trim the cost of your next roofing project without skimping on materials and quality.

Get Multiple Quotes

Some people enjoy the art of negotiation and others simply don’t. Those who fall into the latter category may jump on the first quote that’s offered on their roofing project just to be done with that initial step. However, a wise homeowner knows that savings can be realized by shopping around and getting multiple quotes on a project before settling on a roofing company. Not only will shopping around give you a better idea of what cost is reasonable for your project, but a competitive quote process can help get you better pricing if the roofing contractor knows that your business isn’t guaranteed.

Take Advantage of Slow Times

Roofing is a seasonal industry, with boom times in the summer and early fall. During those months, you’ll pay a premium for roofing services since most roofing companies won’t be experiencing a shortage of business. Conversely, the roofing business is traditionally slow in the winter and spring, so you can get a significantly lower price during those slow months since roofing services are not in high demand. In fact, you may even be able to take advantage of off-season discounts that some roofing companies offer to entice business during the off-peak months of the year. You’ll also be likely to get the job performed more quickly during that time period.

Leverage Homeowners Insurance

No one wants to experience home damage due to natural events such as adverse weather. However, if you do experience damage during a storm, use that to your advantage to replace an aging roof that has a short remaining lifespan. While homeowners’ insurance won’t usually cover roof damage caused by neglect, if your roof is even minimally damaged by a storm, you can get some or all the reroofing costs paid by your insurance company.

Consider an Overlay

There are three primary components that determine the cost of a reroofing project. Those three components are materials, labor, and disposal. If you want to control costs in terms of materials and disposal, you can either strip your old roof yourself and dispose of the waste or you can opt for an overlay. An overlay is a reroofing project in which the old shingles aren’t removed and sent away for disposal. Instead, the new roof is placed directly over the old one. While this will initially save you labor costs for removal of the old shingles as well as disposal costs since there are no shingles to dispose of, it does come with a caveat. You can only do an overlay once, so the next time you need a new roof, the removal costs will be doubled because there are multiple layers of shingles. Also, some roofing material warranties don’t cover overlay roofs.

Long-Term Savings

You can save money on roofing projects over the lifetime of your home by using higher-quality material that don’t require replacement as often. For example, while the initial cost of superior roofing materials may be higher, you may only have to replace your roof once every 40 years instead of once every 20-25 years. Higher-rated shingles and roofs may also get you lower rates for homeowners’ insurance, which can help pay for the difference in roofing material pricing.

Use these tips if you want to reduce your roof cost without sacrificing the quality of materials and workmanship that go into your next reroofing project. By taking advantage of these few suggestions, you can get a high-quality roof replacement at a significantly lower price. If you need roof repair or replacement, contact Superior Roofing Company of Georgia.