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Dangers Associated With DIY Gutter Repair


Saving money always seems like a good idea, which is why many homeowners spend their free time attempting do-it-yourself repair. However, some home improvement projects are better suited for DIY repair than others. One project that should always be left to professionals is gutter repair. Before you climb a ladder to fix your gutters, learn more about these associated dangers:

·         Ladders are dangerous: All it takes is one misstep to send you to the hospital.

·         Sharp edges: Don’t be fooled by how tame your home’s gutters look. They have sharp, metal edges that can easily cut you.

·         Poor roof conditions: You might not have a problem climbing onto the roof to clean out gutters or fix a problem, but if the roof is wet or icy, you could end up slipping and falling.

·         Transporting materials: Climbing a ladder with a load of heavy-duty materials is no small task. Again, think twice about doing this yourself or you could risk a hospital stay and a big bill.

Cleaning out your gutters might be a DIY job, but when you need to repair or replace the gutters, leave it to the professionals. At Superior Roofing Company of Georgia, our team of roofing professionals knows how to repair and replace gutters safely. We have the proper equipment and know how to navigate tricky roof pitches. We also carry full insurance, so you never have to worry about being responsible for accidents.

Let us take a look at your home’s gutters and help you with gutter repair and replacement. We service the communities of Buckhead, Dunwoody, Lilburn, and Sandy Springs and are continuously ranked as one of the top roofing companies in the Atlanta area. If you’re having problems with sagging gutters, leaky downspouts, or any other gutter or roofing issues, call us at (770) 279-2621 to schedule an appointment.