A Guide To Estimating Roof Replacement Cost

The average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is about 20 years and can be as long as 50 years or more, depending on the materials used. The region of the country you live in, its climate, and changes in the weather can affect your roof’s durability over time.

The roof protects your home from the elements and maintains a comfortable environment for the people who live in it. Damage to the roof from rain, sleet, hail, wind, or lightning compromises your home’s integrity. Needless to say, a roof replacement can be one of the costliest expenses to a homeowner.

There is no one-size-fits-all price for roof replacement, but there are some factors to consider when seeking a contractor for a roofing estimate in Sandy Springs. Here are some tips to follow when calculating the cost of replacing the roof of your home.

The Roof Size

The square footage of the roof is a key factor when considering a replacement. Roofing companies often charge for every 100 square feet that’s worked on. This is called the roofing square. There are a number of online calculators at your disposal that you could use to determine with a fair amount of accuracy your roof’s area. Once you know the size of your roof, you can get an idea of what to expect the roofing company to charge for the materials and labor.

Pitch Matters

The pitch, or slope, of your roof also has an impact on the estimated roof replacement cost. Your roof may have a high slope, moderate slope, or no slope at all. The steeper your roof is, the more likely contractors hired for the job will require extra preparation for the job.

One number to take into account is the 7:12 pitch ratio. This means the roof rises 7 inches for every 12 inches it extends horizontally. This is the type of roof seen in many modern homes, and some roofing contractors in Sandy Springs consider such a roof too steep to work on without the use of harnesses and other additional safety equipment. You could expect to pay more to replace a roof like this.

Consider the Materials

It’s all about the materials when it comes to roof replacement. Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used material for residential roofing projects, while tile and slate shingles can last years longer. A durable metal roof will cost you twice as much if that is your replacement option.

The layout of your roof can also affect your roof estimate. Roofers typically charge more to work around chimneys and skylights. Finally, you should get a quote from the roofing company for removing the old shingles and installing the new ones. You may find the price range between the two may be wide.

Who Does the Work?

Now that you know how big your roof is and the materials you want, you’ll need the services of a reputable roofing contractor. The best companies that do roofing services in Sandy Springs will be insured and bonded and typically hire subcontractors to do the job. Smaller companies may offer to do the job for you for a lower cost, but you may end up with a low-quality replacement and could face liability risks. If cost is an issue for you, quality work from a good company is worth the expense.

When the time comes to obtain a roofing estimate in Sandy Springs, call Superior Roofing Company of Georgia. Superior Roofing has the experienced personnel to give you a detailed quote for materials and labor and provide quality work for your most important investment. Call Superior Roofing at 770-279-2621.

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